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May 2016



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May. 23rd, 2016


Good Morning

Woke up feeling fantastically rested. I think that's the best sleep I've had in ages! Lots of dreams I remember...found a Fitbit that dropped off someone's wrist and tried to find her and return it.

Still feel great about yesterday and good in general. I'm thinking of waiting till 9:00 to head out, so I can avoid Baltimore's Monday morning traffic.

So many good things to do, and so much to play with!

I'll head straight to work and focus on things that excite me there. Feeling good, feeling happy, feeling fresh and full of possibility!

May. 18th, 2016

Flowering Sabrina

Graduation Day

I'm behind on everything, and have at least three crucial emails I have to write.

But today, I hooded my first two PhD students and my first DNP student. I also cried very discreetly and my heart swelled up with pride and joy and love for these folks who worked so hard and will be such beautiful change agents in the world.

I wore Sarah's [dr_pretentious] robes and Ed's hood, and was literally wrapped in their love, and by extension, the love of so many beautiful friends.

I felt like I was passing my power to all three of them, and this transfer only increased my joy and my potential for transformative action in the world---it did not diminish it at all.

Next, I'm taking my whole faculty to Omega for a conference on introducing mindfulness into the graduate curriculum. Even more importantly, I'm embracing/creating this as an opportunity for a calm and supportive retreat to bring us all together as we revision what our program can look like one, two, three years from now.

I'm taking folks from every part of the program in order to generate a plan that will take its shape from all our wisdom and all our understanding---teaching faculty, research affiliates, two RAs to represent our students, my powerful and wonderful admin, an assistant Dean and a Senior Executive Dean. From my mentor Benjamin, I learned how to include everyone so their voices and insights are powerfully woven together, and I haven't forgotten those crucial lessons (OK, this doesn't actually happen until the fall, but I am pretty excited about it).

I'm also probably headed to an unusual conference full of health care revolutionaries in October---not your typical gathering at all. I looked at it and thought, "Hmmm, do I dare?" then thought, "Hell, why not? Throw myself in with the folks on the cutting edge and see what happens. It's not like staying in the safe zone is going to get me anywhere really useful. Plus, I'm growing change agents and health care revolutionaries. Who better to help me figure out how to help direct them?"

Finally, I'm working on two papers that I think will bring some unusual perspectives to the literature on physical activity among urban Latino communities. It's about the importance of parks and green exercise (walking, playing and running in green, verdant areas) for psychological, emotional and mental restoration among Latina women, and it even pokes a suggestive toe in the direction of the spiritual support of the green world. That's pretty exciting to me. For someone who's blessed with an overabundance of work, my life is pretty damn good! Hurray!

May. 6th, 2016


No longer grumpy : )

It's hard to stay grumpy when friends say lovely things to you.

I've been feeling grumpy, probably because I've been sick a lot this week.

But I had a conversation today with a recently-made friend who made it very hard to stay grumpy.

We've been talking for sevral weeks, mostly about shamanism and healing and personal growth, all things I really like.

Today he called and said, "I finally got around to looking at your Facebook page last night, and I did not know that you were so beautiful."

Boy, was I surprised. And it's impossible not to grin and feel good when someone says that!

Missing Money Geekery Talks

I miss geeking about finance goals with people I love. Michael and I did some good geeking this morning, debating the pros and cons of paying off his car versus refinancing our home into a 10-year mortgage after paying down the principle enough to get rid of PMI.

I love talking money with other people I care about.

It's sad that so many of us are scared or traumatized about money. That means I get fewer fun conversations and cool goal setting sessions with my friends.

I remember when Cat called to tell me she had paid off a bunch of debt and that was such joyous fun! And another friend called to tell me she raised her FICO score and we had a great time over that.

Lee always shares money happinesses with me in a wonderful way. I miss his geeky ways---we haven't talked in too long.

Hmmm, when the semester ends I can go back to taking my Morningstar investment classes again. Squee! Then I'll be all set to rebalance our portfolios and generate a fun retirement planning strategy.

It's funny. I love Element Money not for the things money can do for me, but just for the squee of dancing with it, the way you dance with an instrument that you learn to play with skill. It's the joy of learning to do something beautiful and challenging and wonderful.

May. 5th, 2016


"Diana Herself: An Allegory of Awakening"

Last night I finished reading "Diana, Herself: An Allegory of Awakening".

Two things: when I read Martha Beck, I often end up crying intense tears of joy, tears that are amazed that I get to do and be part of something so utterly beautiful. I can't shake the feeling that I am/will be part of this entrancing pod of change agents in a tremendously satisfying way.

"Diana, Herself" gave me this feeling strong and proud. Also, this morning another lady's post on Martha's Integrity Cleanse Facebook page poked me into looking around. She found a sculpture of a flying pig (one of the book's main characters, and an aspect of Meta-Self) in her attic. This prompted me to look around.

The glass pig below lives in my bedroom. The iron pig greets visitors at my doorstep, and merrily welcomes me and those I love home. I'm not even surprised at the synchronicity anymore. I think we're all part of the same enchanted pod of healers.


Ah, love.

I am just utterly, totally, surrounded by love.

Sometimes I forget that and slip back into the illusion that I somehow lack it.


So silly of me!

You know what I like best about it?

When I remember to allow the incredible flow of love that naturally wants to flow right through my heart and into all aspects of my life, it bursts out onto to everyone else who happens to be standing around.

Cool, huh?

I love that feeling.

May. 2nd, 2016

Beltaine Photo

Beltane 2016

Back from a wonderful Beltane celebration.

I showed up with fewer expectations than I've ever had at a festival. I was just glad to get there with Michael in a relaxed kind of way. We were presenting two workshops, and still needed to do substantial work on one of them as we climbed into the car to go. Even so, I was not troubled or stressed about it, and neither was Michael.

I think I had no expectations because my mind has been so full of work-related stresses and issues lately, and I think Michael was in the same place. Right now, our jobs are both very demanding, so there seemed no energy left with which to make wishes other than simply to show up successfully, relax while we were there, and see what unfolded.

This turned out to be exactly the right thing to do.

Our workshops were a pleasure to construct and to offer. We had tremendous fun doing them and listening to those who came to share their truths and experiences. Working with Michael was especially fun---we haven't done a workshop together in a long time.

I was shocked at how many people came to our second one, and very surprised when Cat told me it had drawn the highest number of attendees. I think Michael put his finger on why when he pointed out that our topic was fun and intimate but not too edgy, with plenty of opportunities for beloveds to enjoy their time together in a playful, non-threatening way.

It ended up being a cross between a relationship renewal workshop and a getting-to-know-you workshop, and that's what worked so well.

We also went to three workshops by Monique Darling and Peter Peterson and loved them! They offered us fantastic opportunities to get to know new people and have a great time. I also learned a lot, and the people I connected with there were truly lovely. I highly recommend their workshops! One thing I wish I had done better: get contact information. On Sunday as we packed up, I found I had no way to contact some of the people I had enjoyed so much, and I left with a little bit of sadness around this. Next time, I'll show up with cards to tuck behind my name tag and a sheet for collecting the names and email addresses of the fascinating folks I meet.

The fire circle was good to play in despite the rain. It's always a pleasure to listen to drums and dance. Meals were also chill and pleasurable. We enjoyed the food we took with us, which we assembled at the very last minute. For a no-planning event, we did very well.

The only thing we missed that we would really have enjoyed was an electric heater for our room, but luckily, Michael brought so many comforters and blankets with us that we were warm and toasty at night.

I can say that I expected almost nothing other than the fun we had in our own two workshops, but that everything new that we experienced---and there were so many new things---was pretty damn awesome.

Apr. 27th, 2016


Sigh. Home. Resilient. Good.

Drove to NY to see Dusty this am, then drove to Newark to teach.

Not remarkable, except I did it in Jade, my new manual car.

Many things went wrong, including stalling out on two hills with cars behind me, twice.

I did find exactly the right kind of parking.

I paid through ParkMobile and got a ticket anyway, which I will contest since I can show I was paid up.

I ended up driving home late in the dark and my phone died and Jade's plugs don't work so I couldn't juice up and access my GPS, and I couldn't call Michael for help. I just drove around until I recognized something and finally got myself home.

So, even though I was hard on Jade and she smells like burned rubber, and things went wrong and I was scared, all went well, overall.

And I am very proud of myself. : )

I am brave and resilient, and I can do scary things with perseverance.

Dusty made three signs for my car before I left, to tape onto Jade's rear windshield and two side rear windows. They helped the second half of the drive so much!

They said:

Apr. 21st, 2016


Joy joy joy

The first student I began working with when I arrived defended her dissertation a few weeks ago, to my great joy. She was cleaning out her mailbox today and found an email from 2012 that she originally sent my predecessor. Kindly, she decided to resend it to me.

Reading it has made my heart happy. I share it here:

"I just wanted to take a moment to thank you again for connecting me with Dr. Chase (Sabrina). She has been working with me for approximately a month and during that time I have made more progress and gained greater clarity than I had in the past two years.
She has given me tools to motivate and encourage myself as well as mechanisms to hold myself accountable for my progress. I am excited that she will be joining the faculty shortly and I am certain that she will serve as an invaluable asset to the students."

I feel as though I am fulfilling the work I have been sent to do during this part of my life. Happy, shining joy...

Apr. 13th, 2016


What matters

Love matters; status doesn’t. Having a roof over our heads matters; having a mansion doesn’t. Peace matters so much that by comparison, literally nothing else does.

~ The Benevolent Guide…Insight from Martha

This makes a lot of sense to me.

I'm cheerfully letting go of everything I can that doesn't serve me right now: clothes I don't wear, belongings that don't bring me joy, resentment, bitterness, sugar, and ick in any form. Mostly, I want peace, work sprung from my life's calling, good physical, emotional and mental health and the very best kinds of good-feeling, positive love.

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