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Flowering Sabrina

Things I am coming to realize

That I really don't have to take most of the responsibility for keeping the house clean, and for so much of the cooking. All those tasks are very sharable, and I only have to ask persistently and stay on that.

That I live in a world of abundance: not just abundance in terms of good friends and wonderful experiences and enough money, but abundance in people I'd enjoy meeting who also want to meet me. This is kind of a shock: I've spent so long in my little Pagan world that I just thought the whole greater world was like it in important ways. This is not true. Outside of my little world, there are amazing, wonderful people I never imagined. And they want to meet me, too.

All those articles I worked on as a second author that have not yet come to fruition could be published at any time. Today, two articles that I had forgotten I worked on got submitted to journals. Two! I'm astonished and excited.

Making meditation my first act of the morning changes everything. After meditation, I am more grounded and centered, and I feel genuinely good. I'm more likely to run, more likely to lift weights, and more likely to write---all things that make me supremely happy.

The work I don't enjoy will gradually get done if I just do a little at a time. Today I knocked out two enrollment snarls, and tomorrow I'll do two more. Then the list will almost be done.

That my health can be even better than I imagined. My bloodwork came back and my new integrated physician has explained that if I take particular supplements, my sleep will improve dramatically. I think that means that my energy will go way up, opening all kinds of doors. Also, she's managed to help me feel way better in a whole lot of ways. A good integrative physician can work wonders!

Changes are coming very soon, and I can't predict in which directions they will take me. But I've lived so long in my little cocoon that I welcome them anyway. I want to live in this abundant, exciting world in which I play so much more and enjoy myself more deeply than I've really imagined. And I want to work much more efficiently, and get the really important stuff done so I can flourish more. And now it seems possible.

I have no idea what my life will look like a year from now, but I think it will look very different.

And I welcome this!


morning meditation

Thank you so much for the reminder!!
Very cool!

What are the sleep-related supplements?
so happy to see you in LJland again, and that more wonderful transformations are happening for you!