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I am feeling so incredibly loved, and so full of love, right now.

My honey makes me feel
deeply fortunate, really wanted and admired and cared for, and my child loves me and respects me. <3

I'm with my father today, and he is a loving and tender good man, perhaps the kindest man I've ever known. And he is still alive and is showering me with his love.

My friends and beloveds add so much to this picture, too, opening their hearts and reaching out to me in their joy, their sorrow, and many of their new discoveries.

My problems seem tiny today, and my blessings seem great.

My love is accepted whole heartedly and my beloveds delight in me as much as I do on them.

Truly, I am among the blessed.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.


And thank you!
Thank you for knowing this.
Thank you for sharing this,