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Musings on Spirituality, Ministry and Money (and a GREAT money resource)

(Inspired by my kind Christian friend, eoma_p)

Good sense and integrity are not the exclusive property of any religion: you can find it everywhere. I welcome it wherever I find it.

Interestingly, two of the financial gurus I most enjoy right now are evangelical Christians: Dave Ramsey and the anonymous gentleman who runs the No Credit Needed podcast (free to download on iTunes). They each see the good sense and advice they offer as part and parcel of their ministry.

I love this! Their spiritual work is to help other people become the wisest, happiest versions of themselves possible. What could be better for a leader in any spiritual tradition? Plus, each man gives advice full of integrity, and I have heard Dave (at least) ask his listeners to go to the guidelines offered by their own spiritual traditions and review them when they are confronted with a challenging money-and-integrity problem. I love that---it's so respectful!

In truth, I feel an affinity with religious people *of all traditions* who see themselves as educators, ministers (in all senses of that word) and personal development coaches. Whatever their particular path, the way they anchor their ministry in compassionate spirituality appeals to me. It feels *right*.

I can't imagine separating personal development from spiritual growth, whatever that means for a person. And I include in this category atheists and agnostics committed to the care and feeding of a wise and loving humanity. Spirituality doesn't just mean belief in a Higher Power; it means a respect for and commitment to the Sacred in all things.

By the way: if you are looking for guidance on how to start remaking your financial life in a way that brings you greater peace and happiness, I highly recommend Dave Ramsey's "Complete Money Makeover" (inexpensive--$14.95) and his "Financial Peace University" materials (expensive but potentially very useful---$150.00).

Or you can listen to his radio show for free (downloads from iTunes every week day) and learn his system by osmosis as he counsels callers. I don't agree with everything he says, but I do agree with 90% of it. I agree that credit card companies are the devil, but because they support my FICO score, I will not cancel all my cards. This requires a skill that isn't easy to acquire: the ability to refrain from carrying a balance from month to month.

When I got out of debt, learned how to save and started getting in control of my finances, I did it by reinventing the wheel. I wish I had known about Dave's common sense system for making friends with Element Money (of course, he doesn't use that term!). I never learned this as a youth, but I wish I had. His approach is simple, easy to understand and doable---no matter what you are faced with.

Check Dave's resources out here:

NOTE: You cannot order his materials with a credit card. He does not believe in credit cards (and I understand why he feels this way---they have caused so much pain to so many!) You can used a debit card or an electronic check, but you cannot use your credit cards with anything on his website.
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