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From shades_of_nyx

Queen of the Great Below: An Anthology in Honor of Ereshkigal

Authored by Bibliotheca Alexandrina
Compiled by Janet Munin

Hail to You, Ereshkigal, Great Queen of Those Below. Mistress of the Shadows. Lady of Bones and Dust. Frightening One of the Far Places Where Men Fear to Go. Strong One Who Builds the Boundaries and Knows How to Tear Them Down.

Queen of the Great Below is a collection of poems, essays and personal ritual experiences by modern devotees in honor of Ereshkigal. Once worshipped as Ruler of the Underworld from the shores of the Euphrates to the banks of the Nile, Ereshkigal is now known primarily for her role as the antagonist in The Descent of Inanna. In this unique devotional anthology, however, Ereshkigal is revealed to be a multi-faceted deity of transformation, boundary-keeping, and passion, a teacher of harsh but necessary lessons.



My copy is already on its way.


sweet! i have an essay in there!
Rio, I just saw this---wow! Now I'm REALLY excited about reading it. Can I call you after I get it and read your essay?
oh please. tres zero tres. tres uno siete. seis nueve cinco dos.
Interesting. Thanks for posting.