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Surviving HIV/AIDS

My prayer to the Universe: I have discovered that books need aftercare, nurturing, and guidance even after they are born. I am still learning to deliver my baby into the world successfully.

Books need ongoing stewardship. I am learning to be a good steward.

Help me learn stewardship!


Best of luck! That makes sense, although I never thought about it a lot. Likely why authors have to do book tours, etc.
Yes. How do they incorporate this into everyday life? I want to know.
You might want to ask Deborah Lipp. She had to do promotion for the five books she wrote.

One item I'll pass on immediately: She never goes to a festival or convention without copies of her book to sell. The more visible your book is, the more word has a chance to spread. (Remember my Acorn Garden pens? I forgot to give you and Stephanie a dozen when you were at my place.)

It may seem silly to bring copies of book on inner city women to FSG or FoV, but a well-rounded pagan tries to be aware of the issues of all people. Perhaps someone who can come up with a class on Element Money could also come up with a workshop on Element Caring: why the problems of poor women in Newark (or oppressed women in Afghanistan) are also our problem. That might encourage more attention for your book.

But I'm sure you'll be more comfortable doing this kind of promotion at the medical and social conferences you attend.