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Big change

I've been saying that I am going to leave LJ for the longest time.

I've been threatening to start a Dreamwidth journal forever.

Up to this point, I have conspicuously not done so.

I hate switching out big things and switching over from one place/thing/person I've invested in to another. It's deeply annoying to walk away from a big investment, which is probably why I dislike buying new cars so much. All that research, all that decision making, all that energy, and then you have to get used to an entirely new car. Drat!

However, since I had so much trouble with this regarding LJ, I simply asked someone else to help me do it.

If you don't have to sit there and remake the decision every second while you do it, it's much easier. It's tremendously easier to simply ask someone to do a big switch for you, so all you have to do, emotionally, is just stick by the decision you've made.

Thus I want to thank sleepymaggie for researching the options and backing up my LJ for me---all the way back to 2004---and then setting up a Dreamwidth account in my name. Thank you, too, to Bill Seligman, for his help and encouragement throughout this process. Dude, I just wasn't ready until now. :)

I'm not leaving LJ in the sense that I'll still read it religiously and comment on my friend's posts. But I'll write from Dreamwidth now, since it automatically crossposts to LJ for me.

If you have a Dreamwidth account, you can add me there.

You are welcome to comment in either place.

Here's to big changes!


I'll miss your posts. I am too invested in LJ as my actual journal to switch to another and I'm just not willing to add another place where I have to check to see what's up with my friends.

Sigh. Too many options. Too hard to stay in touch.

Be well.
Her posts will still be here on LJ -- they start on Dreamwidth and then automatically crosspost. It's just a matter of backup. There probably won't be a visible difference.
Thank you again, Maggie!
Thank you for the reassurance. I am getting old; I don't want to keep up with the new technology.
No, you'll still see my public posts, all of them. I'll still answer your comments. The change is mostly on my end, and it's mostly emotional.

I'm learning to connect to Dreamwidth as my primary journal now instead of LJ, but it will automatically crosspost here.

From your perspective, not much will change. From mine, a lot will change.
You can tell DW to grab all your archives and comments as well such that they are searchable from there.
Maggie did that, but I did not know they were searchable. Thank you!
My name is the same at DW, even though I don't use it. Please friend me there, so I can comment over there on locked posts. (I will friend you back, but it might take a while. I almost never use DW directly.)
Big changes are difficult. It's part of why people stick with sucky jobs. :P
Some other people I know are switching, or have switched to DW. I am, as you know, a scaredy cat when it comes to new tech until someone explains it to me. And you are a good explainy person, so:

What's the advantage of DW?